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Maxine’s xT-BURN is an advanced pre-workout and fat burning energy drink designed to increase your metabolism, incinerate stored body fat and boost your energy levels all day. It is designed to suit your female metabolism with a mildly stimulating formulation for crash free energy and strong fat burning ingredients, all in a pleasant fruit flavoured zero calorie base.

AVAILABLE IN: 180g (30 Serves) Size


– Acetyl L-Carnitine (1600mg) – is a naturally occurring amino acid that has a number of health benefits. It helps shunt free fatty acids from your bloodstream into muscle cell mitochondria giving the double benefit of providing more fuel for greater energy plus increased fat burning for greater weight loss. Another key benefit of Acetyl L-Carnitine is it’s ability to increase cognition and mental focus, ideal for helping you attack hard workouts with maximum intensity.

– Conjugated Linoleic Acid (900mg) – (or CLA) this essential fat is found in low levels dairy and meat products. Research reveals CLA blocks your body’s fat storage enzyme, Lipoprotein Lipase, to support a decrease in stored fat and promote an increase in lean muscle.

– Garcinia Cambogia Extract (400mg) – is derived from a tropical fruit and contains the active ingredient Hydroxy Citric Acid or HCA. This nutrient blocks the enzyme Citrate Lyase to prevent excess carbs being converted and stored as fat.

– African Mango Seed Extract (200mg) – is derived from a mango like fruit and has gained recent headlines with several studies showing significant fat loss and improvements in health markers including Cholesterol, Insulin sensitivity and blood glucose.

– Raspberry Ketones (200mg) – is the natural compound in raspberries that give them their flavour and aroma. These active ketones increase lipolysis or fat burning and stimulate the release of Adiponectin, a hormone that regulate sugar metabolism and keep you thinner.

– Green Tea Extract (200mg) – is loaded with antioxidants and powerful fat burners called Catechins that stimulate thermogenesis, the process of burning body fat to generate heat.

– Green Coffee Extract (150mg) – is a rich source of Chlorogenic Acid which can inhibit the uptake of carbohydrates from your intestinal tract, enhancing the effect of a low carb diet. It also works synergistically with Raspberry Ketones to help stabilise your blood sugar and insulin metabolism to reduce fat storage.

– L-Taurine (300mg) – has a wide range of metabolic benefits from improving brain function and alertness through to increasing fat burning and boosting recovery from exercise.

– D-Glucuronolactone (300mg) – is a fatigue fighter mood improver. It is commonly used in energy drinks and works synergistically with nutrients like Caffeine and Guarana to increase mental focus and alertness.

– Dandelion Root Extract (200mg) – is a rich source of antioxidants and an effective liver detox nutrient to ensue your metabolism is functioning and peak levels

– Guarana Seed Extract (200mg) – is a well-known nutrient from the seed of the Amazon Paullinia Cupana plant. Guarana is a natural source of Caffeine and other energy boosting nutrients, but being plant based, they are released slowly to give an even and sustained crash free boost.

– Caffeine (50mg) – a moderate dose of this stimulating and fat burning ingredient, enough for a good boost, not enough to cause unwanted side effects. Caffeine is proven to increase focus and endurance and complements the fat burning properties of Guarana, Green Coffee and Green Tea.

Juhee Weasley – December 10, 2012

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