CONTEST COLOUR Acetone Solvent Free is similar in strength to ORIGINAL CONTEST COLOUR but without the acetone solvent. It is much gentler to your skin.

Based on lsopropanol (rubbing alcohol) it has a slightly slower drying time than the ORIGINAL CONTEST COLOUR, but is still a very strong colour. CONTEST COLOUR Acetone Solvent Free is our most popular product.

Designed for the more sensitive skin types.

As with all our products, it is recommended to test a small area of skin first for any reaction.

This is a professional strength product.

For use by: Dancers (Latin, Exotic etc.), Actors (Males & Females), Physical culture or a tan for Bodybuilders (Males & Females).

A great looking tan under strong lighting.


Sizes Available: 251 ml, 502ml, 1 Litre

Directions: To obtain the best results try the following.

1. Apply over dean dry skin. Exfoliating is recommended.

2. Use a make-up sponge or similar to apply. Don\'t forget to wash your hands thoroughly with soap after use.

3. Overlap treated areas to obtain an even tan.

4. Do not use heavy coats on ankles, elbows or knees etc. As these areas will become darker.

5. Apply 3-5 thinner coats over 2-3 days.

6. Showering is recommended between each coat, this product will dry in minutes but allow at least 8-10 hours to cure after applying. Do not use soap products when showering, just use water and pat dry with a towel.

7. It is not recommended to apply just prior to your contest.

8. Use a light application to your face, careful of your eyes.

9. Wear old clothing between coats. This product can transfer to clothing or bedding.

Please read label for safety information before use.

Juhee Weasley – December 10, 2012

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